Wire Sculpture.jpg
Wire Portraits

Skinny Sculptures.jpg
Giacometti Skinny Sculptures

Calder Wire Fish.jpg
Calder Wire FIsh

bubble print.jpg
Bubble Printing

Cotton Bud art.jpg
Cotton Bud Art

Paper plate pirate.jpg
Paper Plate Pirate

Pirate Personas


Easter Activity

Striped Easter egg card.jpg
fox mask.jpg
Fox Mask

crow mask.jpg
Crow Mask

Eric Carle.jpg
Ideas for Eric Carle Art

Very Hungry Caterpillar.jpg
Eric Carl makes the Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very HungryCaterpillar.JPG
Eric Carle Reads

Childrens' Ar.jpg
Children's Art

Clay Houses.jpg
Clay Houses

Hundertwasser Houses.jpg
Hundertwasser Houses

H Art.jpg
Hundertvasse Art

H Art Project.jpg
Hundertvasser Art Project

Hundertwasser Spirals art.jpg
Hundertwasser Spiral Art

World costumes.jpg
World Costumes match up

Nigerian Adire Design.jpg
Learn about Nigerian Adire Design

Talkiing Textiles.jpg
Talking Textiles

straw weaving.jpg
Straw Weaving

adrinka patterns.jpg
Ghana Adrinka Sponge Prints

asimevo cloth.jpg
Ghanan Asimevo Cloth

Kente Cloth.jpg
Kente Cloth Paper Weaving

adire art.jpg
Nigerian Adire Art

kente paper strip weaving.jpg
Kente Paper Strip Weaving

red dog.jpg
Keith Haring Art Lesson

dance party.jpg
Dance Party

external image empty.gif
KH video.jpg

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Colour in Motion.jpg
Have fun learning about colour.

Create a digital painting.
Create your own Wordle

Create your own Digital Painting

Create a digital picture here.

Create a digital artwork here.

Keith Haring.png
Keith Haring Documentary

Paul Klee Self Portrait

incredible art department.jpg
Who am I? Collage

layered self protrait.jpg
Layered Self Portrait

David Hockney.jpg
David Hockney Inspired Self Portrait

Animal Masks Foam

stick puppets.jpg
Stick Puppets